About Hotel Indira Nikunj

Indira Nikunj means "Indira (Beautiful) +Nikunj (Homely place). Hotel Indira Nikunj is situated at place in Sheesham Jhaari Rishikesh near river Ganga. In ancient time it was full trees of Rosewood (Sheesham). Where all Muni's and Sadu's did their 'Tapa' (Meditation) for number of years. Surrounded by beautiful known Ashram where you can feel very peaceful vibration all around with panoramic 360 degree view of all Mountains, River Ganga and Illuminated Ramjhula in evening.

This place offers you calmness, peace and spirituality for your mind and soul away from the metro city stressful lifestyle .Indira Nikunj offers and the kind of energy that would settle your mind with Yoga, City tour, Adventures, Jungle Safaari to take your worries away and help you recover from the negative effects of stressful lifestyles through a combination of nature, meditation, Spa therapies and nutritious meals. It will connect you and make you feel one with the nature, it you help you regain your inner harmony.

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