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General Guidelines

Your privacy is something we take very seriously. To safeguard and maintain the privacy of your personal information, we have created this privacy policy.

We take all reasonable steps to uphold your right to privacy on our systems and websites, but we are not responsible for any unauthorised or illegal disclosures of your private information made by parties outside of our control, such as advertisers and websites that link to our Site. Please be aware that our business partners, advertisers, sponsors, and other websites to which we give hyperlinks may have different information and privacy practices than we do.

Any information about you that can be used to identify you, such as your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available or a part of your job identification is referred to in this policy as personal information.

When such information is provided to us in the course of doing business with a person, it also includes information on their preferences and usage. We take care to safeguard our clients' private information and never divulge it to outside parties.


  1. By booking a room or utilising The Neeraj Ganga Indira Nikunj amenities.
  2. By creating an enquiry on our website.
  3. By giving us the data by taking part in a marketing activity.
  4. By browsing our website.

The types of data that are often gathered in each of these situations, the justifications for doing so, and the uses and storage practices are described below. We shall retain a record of the information you willingly offer us by electronic mail so that we can reply to you. When you register on our website or fill out a form, we are the only ones to receive information about you.


  1. To create and sustain a trustworthy working connection with you and to continuously deliver service.
  2. To recognise your requirements and preferences. In order to better serve you, we may ask for extra information in addition to keeping a record of the goods and services you receive from us. We might note, for instance, that you prefer a certain kind of room.
  3. To create, improve, advertise, or offer goods and services. To better understand how to improve our services, we, for instance, examine how our visitors utilise them.
  4. Monitoring and expanding our operations and business. For instance, in order to effectively manage our hotels and services and prepare for future expansion, we examine visitor usage patterns.
  5. To satisfy legal and administrative standards.
  6. If you have any concerns or queries about our confidentiality, or if you want to make a request regarding your personal information, please email us or write to us at: